What about Python!

After introducing my daughter to Scratch, I watched her interest in coding grow with each step she took while exploring the program's toolset. Scratch is an introductory visual programming platform for young people that teaches creative thinking and systemic reasoning. Kids acquire these faculties while building their own laminated characters and creating interactive stories.

After our successful introduction to Scratch, I decided that it was time to introduce her to a more empirical programming experience. Logo Mindstorm EV3 looks like the next logical platform to migrate to. I plan to capitalize on the easiness of programming and commanding Lego robots that the Mindstorm brings to the table, to keep my daughter’s curiosity alive. The EV3 provides a brick based programming interface similar in ways to what Scratch offers, but you can do much more with your EV3.  

The next logical step, from the EV3 would be to introduce her to a more advanced programming language. Python’s readability, expressiveness and built in constructs which enable developers to write clear code make it a good introductory programming language. Also, Python has replaced Java as the introductory programming language of choice at major institutions. So, Python it is. There is only one problem, I am a Java guy and know little Python.

Well, it’s Christmas time, things are slowing down at work and I have less and less daylight time to enjoy. So why not learn Python, and while I am at it, why not create a blog that would track my progress? The more I know about the language, the more effective a teacher I’ll be to my daughter when she is ready to start experimenting text based programming.     

So each week, I’ll try to post a summary of what I have learned. This will contain code sample of examples helping to clarify the concepts covered. I hope you’ll be able to follow along and learn beside me. 


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